Board Members

2020-2021 Board of Directors

Co-Presidents:  Jamie Mathisrud and Rory O’Neil

 Vice Presidents:  Aleece DeVengoechea, Georgina Forbath and Kate Malouf

 Chief Financial Officer:   Natalie Pickup

 Secretary:  Beth Silverman

 Board Members:  Angelina Achak, Kimaleigh Altshuler, Christine Avila, Dena Baron, Jeanine Bashore, Grant Bixby, Karen Brutman, John Chaix, Bridget Gaffney, Melissa Ganzon, Mike Greer, Christin Gurka, Heather Hansberger, Kristin Hatfield, Tiffany Holden, Jill Hunt,  Juan Luna, Melissa Meehan, Melissa O’Brien, Cari Peets, Noelle Perrin, Kassandra Richardson, Tori Rimlinger, Heather Scheck, Maryann Sharpe, Kristen Sheward, Hillary Springborn, Ryan Steelberg, Kim Stowell, Danielle Von der Ahe, Deena Warmington and Robin West


Executive Director:  Diana Long

Financial Director:  Emily Evans

Events Coordinator:  Stacy Peterson


Please join us for our annual tour of beautiful homes
in the Newport Harbor High School Community.


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