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2016-2017 Board of Directors

Nanci Terry and Matt White

Vice Presidents

Kris Kjaer, Clarke Smith, Ally Whelan and Debby Wiesner

Chief Financial Officer

Natalie Pickup


Buffi Hendrix

Board Members

Kimaleigh Altshuler, Sunny Beeker, Beth Blower, Jorge Camano, Laura Cox, Kristen DeAngelo, Georgina Forbath, Christin Gurka, Kristin Hatfield, Sara Jarrett, Stephanie Kalatschan, Wendy Kerins, Juan Luna, Rory O’Neil, Steve Patterson, Darcy Post, Shelly Rankin, Tracy Rath, Sandy Rettig, Suzanna Richter, Margy Rimland, Tori Rimlinger, Melissa Robinson, Hillary Springborn, Amy Stefano, Sue Totten, Justin Vaicek, Deena Warmington, Jaime Weber, Carrie Williams, Travis Winsor and Amy Wolken

Executive Director

Diana Long

Financial Director

Emily Evans

Events Coordinator

Stacy Peterson